Humble beginnings

I have been accused of all sorts, my all-time favourite though is that I am the inventor of a most medieval device… my response, quite frankly is that a medieval deed deserves a medieval consequence. It’s the twenty first century, man has supposedly evolved into a more civilised being… yet rape statistics are on the rise! Child and infant rape has increased 400% over the last decade!

My second favourite criticism comes from Victoria Kaija, from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Uganda. She refers to my invention as a form of ‘enslavement’. Apparently wearing the device, according to Victoria, is a constant reminder, to women, of their vulnerability. My aim with the device is to empower women and promote gender equality. If men can use their bodies – their manhood, as a weapon of attack – well then it’s time for women to do the same! The fear and vulnerability that I saw in the tear-filled eyes of a rape victim is what drove me to begin my action against rape. “If only I had teeth down there,” were the words of this victim, and that was the prompt towards the development of Rape-aXe.



Its Gone...

It was something I never knew I had
A Gift I didn't really get to open or give to someone on my own
My present so beautifully hidden
I hadn't known about it until it was gone.
So fragile and precious was my Gift that as soon as it was taken it broke...
Leaving me with not only the realisation of what i'd had..
But the fact that i had it no longer
My Gift was Special...
It was meant to be treasured but was not..
And now i treasure the memory of it's loss as if holding onto my gifts theft would keep my gift with me always..
but the memory only keeps the pain of loss alive and strong..
My Gift was special in its innocence
Special in its beauty..
But its theft was not!
And holding onto it only reminds me off my loss..
So though its hard...
and so though it almost kills me
I release my loss from my memory..
I will never forget my Gift and that it was stolen..
But i refuse to let the thief take anymore from me...
So take what you took thief and plague me no longer!!
you cannot have my soul...!

Antoinette Hall

Hi, I am a mother of three young girls and my husband came across this site, which as a mother and a woman I find to be an EXCELLENT idea/invention.

I am interested in becoming a reseller, and would like to know what I have to do make that happen.

Thank you,


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